SkyTemple Randomizer


Released on 2022-09-27.



New features:

  • Sprites are now downloaded for all available starters and partners
  • The EventSleep, Laying and Waking animations are automatically filled with the Sleep animation for all starters and partners if no dedicated EventSleep/Laying/Waking is available.
  • A new algorithm for randomizing item lists was added, this new algorithm should randomize items in a much more balanced way. The old algorithm can still be used ("Items" tab, #92)
  • The new "Balanced" item algorithm can be configured to apply different multipliers to the weights that are generated (for each item category).
  • Max. Kecleon shop chances and max. hidden stair chances can now be configured just like the max. monster house chances.
  • A new patch "AntiSoftlock" by End is automatically applied to each ROM, it allows you to proceed in cutscenes that get stuck.


  • Fixed treasure rooms being randomized and unclearable with the "Boss Room Randomization" option (#69)
  • Various smaller bugfixes in the code that manipulates the files in the game


  • Yes/No can now be used as answers in the personality quiz (#86)
    • (A new YAML library was added that doesn't interpret yes/no/y/n as booleans)
  • Portraits and sprites are now downloaded from the SpriteCollab server ( (#88)
  • The randomization progress bar now shows how many portraits/sprites were already downloaded and how many are pending
  • The MoveShortcuts Patch was updated (thanks to End):
    • "MoveShortcuts has been updated to prevent the player from passing turn by holding A+B while the move list is shown, which would cause a minor graphical glitch."
  • The Complete Team Control Patch was updated (thanks to Cipnit):
    • "Players are now prevented from changing team tactics during manual mode. For some reason, doing so completely destroys turn order and leadership status."
  • Native file handlers written in Rust are now used by default to process the files in the game, this can be disabled if these implementations cause errors (#90)
    • They should be much faster than the old Python-based implementations
    • These file handlers include portraits, map graphics, dungeon graphics, dungeon data, monster data, item data, move data, compression algorithms
  • A lot of under the hood code quality improvements and refactoring


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Link is to latest stable. To downgrade to this release use commit 0b206e19c573431715b6c799074bf87c13c58dff57f215f4eeadee23fb6f9f30.