SkyTemple Randomizer


Released on 2022-03-10.



  • The default rates for some dungeon spawn settings, most notably max. monster house spawn rate have been decreased, thanks to @End45


  • Fixed that portraits and sprites could no longer be applied due to characters, which were un-representable in the game, being contained in some of the authors' names or links.
  • Bugfix for MoveShortcuts Patch by @End45 (0.2.2):
    • "MoveShortcuts 0.2.1 has a minor bug that prevents the player from passing their turn with A+B if their belly is less than 1.0. It only occurs if the leader pok√©mon struct is not aligned to 4 bytes, and probably only on real hardware and some emulators."
  • Fixes a bug that causes a soft-lock in the AntiSoftlock patch by @End45 (0.1.1):
    • "This fixes a bug that causes a softlock in real hardware and some emulators when A+B is pressed."


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Link is to latest stable. To downgrade to this release use commit b930c7ed90f72852d245ac3b9caaabb3347658b778376087b565be1cf118b33c.