SkyTemple Randomizer


Released on 2024-04-25.


New Features:

  • Completely new UI based on GTK 4 and Adwaita. This new UI is much easier to use and navigate and supports small screens.
  • SkyTemple Randomizer is now localized into multiple languages. German is fully localized. Thank you to all our localizers!
  • ROMS are now loaded before randomization begins. Things like a list of Pok√©mon and dungeon are pulled from the loaded ROM.
  • An experimental release for MacOS ARM is now available.
  • Added a completely new algorithm to replace text, which is more conservative in what it replaces, aiming to replace less wrong/unrelated texts. This is the new default. Thanks to @in2erval.
  • Added a "Blind Items" and a "Blind Moves" mode. These modes hide item and move details. In these modes the player will have to figure out what item/move does what.


  • Options not supported by the current ROM are now not shown in the UI (eg. text randomization for JP ROMs)
  • Dependencies have been updated and Python 3.12 is supported.
  • Some settings can be imported and exported from CSV, test and XML files.
  • A lot of under the hood improvements for MacOS and Windows support.
  • Added SpriteCollab license credits to the info NPCs on Crossroads.
  • The "FixEvolutionGlitch" patch is now always applied. Thanks to @Chesyon.
  • The "ExtraSpace" patch has been updated to 0.3.0 (thanks to @tech-ticks). Overlay 36 is now loaded ealier in the game's boot process, which means that patches which need it very early can now utilize Overlay 36.


  • Fixed the Randomizer trying to save scripts that don't exist when switching between ROMs
  • The "CompleteTeamControl" patch was updated to version 1.2.5 by @Adex-8x, fixing the following issue:

    When using Complete Team Control, if you attempted to use an Orb with an ally who wasn't originally the leader, the game would still recalculate the potential targets surrounding them. This has the noticeable impact of an ally using an Orb in an unintended direction from where they're currently facing.


  • SkyTemple Randomizer has a command line interface now. This is only available when installing SkyTemple Randomizer from source. See README and documentation.


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Link is to latest stable. To downgrade to this release use commit 4c2fdd56f3788b824391d68af1219ed33f10b0fb46c755b6a1fb1c2566189355.

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