Released on 2022-03-03.



New Features:

  • Added the ability to edit idle animation types and item sort keys (#346; anonymous contributor)
  • Added simplified import for object sprites using simple PNG files (#356; thanks to @marius851000)


  • SkyTemple now remembers if it was maximized when closed (thanks to @Emboarger; #348)
  • The "Unknown Item Spawns" for floors have been identified and renamed to be for the Secret Bazar Grab Bag and Secret Room item spawns respectively; the UI has been updated (thanks to @End45, #362)
  • The DungeonInterrupt patch was updated to allow disabling the music fadeout (#368; anonymous contributor).
  • Files are no longer loaded in a seperate thread by default; the way files are asynchronously loaded can now be changed in the settings. This may cause SkyTemple to hang briefly when opening files. This was done to prevent crashes and replace this with a more flexible solution in the future.
  • For moves and items SkyTemple now pulls the type names from the ROM (fixes #334).
  • WTE images are now exported with the palette active that is currently selected for preview (#359).
  • Updated various tooltips in the dungeon floor editor (#382; thanks to @End45).


  • Fixed the World Map editor not working for some non-standard ROMs
  • Fixes to automatic adding of file extensions when exporting things (thanks in parts to @Emboarger and @Adex-8x). Along with this various error messages related to this when canceling exports were fixed.
  • Fixed compatibility with newer DeSmuME builds for MacOS (thanks to @tech-ticks; #357)
  • Fixed some translations not being applied under Windows.
  • Fixed switches being strecthed weirdly in the UI.
  • Fixed a crash when modifiying item tileset properties under Windows (#349)
  • Fixed the location names in the scenes list being off by one index (#380; thanks to @End45)
  • Fixed the wrong actor, object or performer being deleted under some circumstances in the scene editor leading to inconsistencies and bugs in the UI (#372).
  • Fixed a crash when opening a dialog in the map background editor and then switching to any other view (#373).


  • SkyTemple now automatically sends error reports to help us improve it. This is opt-in, you will be asked about this on start.
  • SkyTemple now supports Python 3.10 and dropped support for Python 3.6 and 3.7.
  • A new theme (Zorin Blue Dark/Light) is now available for MacOS and Windows. It more closely fits in with the Look and Feel of MacOS and Windows 11. The old one is still the default but the new one can be chosen in the settings.

NOTE: Localizations have not been updated for new texts. The next localization update will be applied for version 1.4.0.