Released on 2024-03-30.



  • Updated a lot of libraries SkyTemple uses.
  • Added a success message when ASM code has been imported for effects (thanks to @Chesyon).
  • Updated localizaions.
  • Prevent being able to endlessly zoom in and out in a lot of places.
  • Added a help button to the top of the main window that will open up a relevant wiki page for the currently open view.
  • A lot of under the hood changes in preparation for SkyTemple 2.0 (preparation for GTK 4 migration). If something breaks, sorry! Please report any errors.


  • Fixed parameter help popup for back_SetEffect and back2_SetEffect. The parameters were flipped (thanks to @Chesyon).
  • Fixed some map backgrounds for rest rooms not rendering for some dungeon mappings.
  • Fixed game debug logging not formatting parameters correctly in the debugger (thanks to @tech-ticks).
  • Fixed backgrounds (BGP) being corrupted when imported with native file handlers enabled.
  • Fixed potential memory corruption with monster data when using native file handlers.
  • Fixed the link to Crowdin in the settings (thanks to @Adex-8x).
  • Prevent empty user feedback from being submit when reporting errors.


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Link is to latest stable. To downgrade to this release use commit d3e9cc33d8c2555cd5581be6807d838cd274ec64070653395a7317fd327926a2.