SkyTemple Randomizer


Released on 2021-10-25.




  • Added max sticky item and monster house sliders (thanks to @End45!)
  • Option to enable instant text speed
  • Option to randomize main menu music
  • Amount of dungeon floors can now be randomized
  • Added personality quiz randomization
  • Added a patch to fix memory crash related issues (thanks to @End45!)
  • Added randomization for points required for Explorer Rank unlocks
  • Added randomization for tactics, IQ skills and IQ groups
  • Added randomization for effects of gummies
  • Added randomization of TMs/HMs and TM/HM movesets

Fixes and Improvements:

  • When NPCs are randomized their Dungeon Guest Pokémon counterparts and Special Episode player characters are also randomized now
  • Pokémon, Moves and Items can now be excluded from randomization
  • Added a ton of new random chapter titles


  • Fixed the crash upon randomization when Portrait Credits could not be fetched correctly from the web