SkyTemple Randomizer


Released on 2022-01-02.



  • Fixed corruption of background files after applying the ExtraSpace patch in version 1.4.3 (thus making the game crash on the title screen whenever randomizing a game). Made patch reapply-able thanks to @End45).

New features:

  • Added a new option "Starter Pool", to control which Pok√©mon can be used for starters (#106, thanks to @DeltaJordan).
  • (Also see new features of 1.4.3!)

Note: This is the last version that is digitally signed (Windows). Future versions will no longer be signed with a digital certificate.


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Link is to latest stable. To downgrade to this release use commit 6a3cecb24ee750d61134753cf387ba413ed5d0fa0e92edfccb6c94bf15cf5016.