SkyTemple Randomizer


Released on 2023-05-18.


NOTE: The Windows version has been withdrawn, due to crashes relating to copy-pasting. These issues are in the underlying Gtk/Gdk UI libraries. There is currently no estimate for a fixed version being available, please use 1.4.x versions under Windows in the meantime.

New Features:

  • NoWeatherStop patch by @End45:
    • "Changes weather damage messages so they don't make the player stop running."
    • This patch is applied automatically.

Improvements: All of these are thanks to @End45.

  • The default quiz questions and chapter titles have been updated thanks the SkyTemple Discord community.
  • The test dungeon is no longer unlocked by default.
  • The "2 Rooms, 1 Monster House" layout can no longer randomly occur in dungeons.
  • The maze-room floor chance randomization is now between 0-10% from previously 0-100%.
  • The spawn weight of the food item category has been increased.
  • The default monster house chance has been lowered to 0-6% from 0-10%.
  • The weather randomization has been changed:
    • The chance of non-clear weather per floor can now be controlled directly.
  • Some UI elements have been changed to more clearly explain what they are doing. The size of the "Randomize" button has been increased.
  • If the ROM should somehow exceed it's assigned maximum file size, the cartridge size in the header is now updated, making the ROM still work on original hardware.


  • The UnusedDungeonChancePatch has been renamed to UnusedDungeonChance and updated by @End45 to fix situations where it could lead to un-completable room layouts.
  • Pokémon forms marked with "invalid" gender will no longer show up in the pool of randomized Pokémon
  • Sprites should no longer glitch out in game when sprites are downloaded. The sprite file size table is now updated to contain the correct information.

Important changes for Windows users:

  • The minimum operation version supported is now Windows 10.
  • There is no longer a 32bit release.
  • Users are recommended to uninstall previous versions before installing this one.

Technical background: The app is now built using MSVC and GTK & Python for MSVC, instead of relying on MSys2 MingW. See also the document for more info.


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See Quick Setup to get started.

Link is to latest stable. To downgrade to this release use commit b894f8f1ce59ec8f63fc9e15f4bc291f8edd60e4d610397123ebb9fd15039138.