Released on 2020-06-20.


This is a pre-release. For support please go to our Discord server. For installation instructions, see the README.

New Features

  • skytemple/skytemple-ssb-debugger#1 Completions in the debugger: Function names and constant names are now autocompleted when you type. This can also be triggered by using ALT+SPACE. This actually isn't really a new feature, but it didn't work in 0.0.3.
  • #13 Error reporting: Whenever an error happens in the UI, you now have a button to view details on the error. Please share this information with the developers, if something goes wrong!
  • #6 Portraits can now be imported, even if they are not in the strict 16-color index mode. They will be converted to this format automatically.
  • #11 All views in the app now have a short description instead of just saying "(View not implemented)".
  • #10 A list of contributors was added to the About dialog.


  • skytemple/explorerscript#1 Fixed macros not being resolved correctly, leading to many situations where they couldn't be used.
  • #4 Improved performance of the tree filters and fixed a bug in the main app where searching for something was hiding the child elements (so if you searched for a map "P01P01A" you found the scene folder for it, but it was showing as empty.


  • #7 Fixed armips (the tool to apply patches) not being bundled with the Windows version
  • #12 Fixed a rare error message appearing on some systems: "No Disk: There is no disk in the drive".