Released on 2020-12-11.



New features:

  • Dungeon editor:
    • Edit names
    • Edit restrictions / settings
    • Edit floors (generation settings, Pokémon spawns, item spawns, trap spawns)
    • Import / Export for dungeon floor data
    • Adding or removing floors
    • Regrouping dungeons, fixing errors in the dungeon data
  • Fixed room editor: (with some contributions by @Irdkwia!)
    • Visual editor for modifying the layout of fixed rooms
    • Change properties and size of a fixed room
    • Changed what item and Pokémon (eg. bosses) can be spawned
  • Dungeon graphics (tilesets and boss background) editor
  • Misc. graphics editor (Rank badge, continue screen badges, minimap, WTE graphics, fonts) - with many things implemented by @irdkwia!
  • Text String editing: Edit all text strings in the game (with support for multiple languages for EU ROMs)!
  • Editor for the games recruitment table
  • Starter editor (+ editing default starters by @irdkwia, #99)
  • World map editor
  • Stats & Pokémon move editor (incl. an interactive graph & CSV export/import)
  • Added a patch that can be applied to re-enable the unusused dungeon generation chance (credits to @End45).
  • Move Shortcut patch by @End45: Maps moves to L+ABXY (can be applied via "ASM Patches"; skytemple/skytemple-files#16)
  • Edit the "Rank List": Edit how many points are required per rank, the awarded item, name and storage capacities (skytemple/skytemple-files#14).
  • Export/Import for Pokémon: Export Pokémon entries to XML files or other Pokémon
  • Export and Import Portraits in the "SpriteBot" format
  • Added spellchecking to the debugger (#79, not on MacOS, disabled by default)
  • Added a button to the debugger to open the great textbox preview tool by @thedask. When you click it, the tool will connect to SkyTemple and update in real time! (skytemple/skytemple-ssb-debugger#14)
  • Support for WiiU virtual console ROMs (thanks to @PsyCommando!)
  • Script constants for all music in the game added (BGM_...) (skytemple/skytemple-files#7)
  • Discord integration (can be disabled in the settings if you are working on a top-secret project)


  • Tilequant integration (the tool that converts background images):
    • Now allows for specifying the number of palettes, and is now correctly set to 14 by default for map backgrounds (#16)
    • Now supports converting two images at the same time with the same palettes
    • I switched to the tool by @Aikku93 internally. It is MUCH better and faster than my original implementation and should now output great-looking images!
    • New "mode" selection that allows you to disable dithering or even disable color reduction at all (that will just reorder the colors, if possible).
  • For Pokémon the sprite ID can now be seen when editing them and both the entity ID and sprite ID can now be edited (#17)
  • More script constants for almost all of the message_Menu menus added (link shop, evolution, swap shop, personality test, footprint minigame, staff credits, etc.) (skytemple/skytemple-files#6)
  • For the item_GetVariable and item_SetVariable script commands the second parameter is now correctly decompiled as a game variable
  • Pokémon editing: Movement Type "Unknown 2" is now named "Phase through walls"
  • When opening a Pokémon that has a sprite that uses more tile memory than defined in the hardcoded sprite data table for that Pokémon, a warning will be shown and that value corrected (skytemple/skytemple-files#17).
  • When changing the sprite ID of a Pokémon the value in the table mentioned above will be recalculated for that Pokémon (skytemple/skytemple-files#17).
  • For the script operation CancelRecoverCommon the first argument is now decompiled as a coroutine constant
  • Disabled the debug overlay in the debugger by default (skytemple/skytemple-ssb-debugger#12)
  • Pokémon editing: Ability list is now sorted by ID (thanks to @Irdkwia!, #77)
  • Added version information to the about dialogs (#81)
  • Rendering of map backgrounds and other CPU-intensive renderings are now paused if the SkyTemple main windows is not focused (#49)
  • Patches can now be re-applied (#39)
  • Switch to native file choosers on Windows and macOS


  • The performance no longer plummets when editing Pokémon portraits
  • Links to contributors in the about dialog now actually work
  • Fixes corruption of the actor list when saving it with SkyTemple (Pokémon species names could no longer be displayed for actors among other issues)
  • Fixes that all DIRECTION_... constants in scripts were wrong. They were replaced by new DIR_... constants that are correct now. The old ones still work as before (for backwards compatability). (skytemple-files#10)
  • The position mark editor now correctly resizes
  • Fixed map background images not being decompressed correctly in some cases
  • Fixed an error in the builtin PKDPX compressor
  • File extensions are now automtaically added to save dialogs if the user didn't enter them (#19)
  • Fixed portrait images not being importable when they are indexed but have less than 256 colors
  • Fixed some scripts crashing SkyTemple on Windows when trying to decompile them.
  • Fixed the issues with crashes on saving scripts in the debugger. (skytemple/skytemple-ssb-debugger#2)
  • Fixed face name contants (FACE_NORMAL, FACE_HAPPY, etc.) not being inserted into decompiled scripts (skytemple/skytemple-files#21)
  • Fixed a error being shown in the debugger when loading savestates that were created at specific situations
  • The ActorAndLevelList patch is now supported for the EU ROM, so the actors in the EU ROM can now also be changed (thanks to @Irdkwia!)
  • Some more ExplorerScript operations now get decompiled with signed integers as parameters (=negative numbers) instead of huge positive numbers (skytemple/skytemple-files#23, skytemple/skytemple-files#26)
  • "W"-Background images (and secondary map backgrounds in general) are now rendered correctly in SkyTemple. You will see a notice about what's special about them when you open them (skytemple/skytemple-files#11, thanks to @Irdkwia!)
  • Exclusive items in Pokémon editing now shows the item names and has auto-complete (#59)
  • Fixed two bugs in the ExplorerScript decompilation which caused some scripts to fail loading in the debugger (skytemple/explorerscript#6)
  • The portrait compression algorithm no longer allows output image sizes bigger than the game can handle. If your portrait gets too big, an error will be shown (thanks to @Irdkwia!)
  • Fixed the Gtk version not being specified early enough, which printed an error to the console on start.
  • Debugger: Fixes an issue where newly created Macros don't show until the debugger is restarted (skytemple/skytemple-ssb-debugger#7)
  • Several typos fixed
  • Windows: Fixed links and the "Close" button not working in the about dialogs (#82)
  • Fixed the link to the ExplorerScript docs being wrong (skytemple/skytemple-ssb-debugger#13)


  • Added a Discord badge and a "Support us" button with info on how to contribute to SkyTemple and PMD2 ROM hacking
  • Great new icons made by Aviivix were added!
  • The default theme under Windows and MacOS is now the dark one. You can select any installed theme under the settings
  • SSBScript (which I only made for my own debugging purposes) was removed from the debugger
  • Added a websocket server on port 45546, that emits all UI events to all connected clients
  • The Mac version is now provided as an easy to install dmg image (thanks to @tech-ticks, #83)