Released on 2021-01-20.



New Features:

  • POKÉMON SPRITE EXPORT/IMPORT VIA SpriteBot COMPATIBLE SPRITE SHEETS! (thanks to @Audinowho, skytemple-files#58)
  • Pokémon and object sprite export/import to gfxcrunch format with bundled gfxcrunch (gfxcrunch is by @psy_commando#4089; fallback to exporting / importing WAN files instead)
  • New ASM patch: SameTypePartner - Allows the partner to be of the same type and species as the player (thanks to @End45!)
  • New ASM patch: DisableTips - Disables ingame dungeon tips
  • Added a new checkbox to the debugger. When checked, the game will automatically proceed to the next floor on turn end (thanks to @End45, @UsernameFodder#0368 and @Irdkwia#4447, skytemple-ssb-debugger#32)
  • Edit Pokémon personality string data (tbl_talk file; thanks to @Irdkwia#4447, skytemple#135)
  • Edit dungeon (weather) color maps (thanks to @Irdkwia#4447, skytemple#137)
  • Import / Export strings from/to CSV (skytemple#97)
  • Editing CHR images (thanks to @Irdkwia#4447, skytemple#139)
  • Editing starter levels (thanks to @End45, skytemple#150)
  • Added constants to the SetEffect command (EFFECT_, skytemple-files#48)
  • New tab in debugger ("Global State") that shows the currently allocated memory blocks (thanks to @Irdkwia#4447, skytemple-ssb-debugger#29)
  • SkyTemple now logs to a file in the config directory / button to access that file (#159)
  • Edit secondary terrain type for tilesets (#65)


  • Fixed spellchecker on Mac (thanks to @tech-ticks, skytemple#103)
  • Improved UX for importing backgrounds (skytemple#109)
  • Reworked the layout for Pokémon editing for smaller screens (skytemple#133, skytemple#136, skytemple#110)
  • Dungeon help text improvements (skytemple#113, skytemple#127, skytemple#128)
  • Strings in search are now trimmed (skytemple#111)


  • FIXED THE CRASH WHEN SAVING SCRIPTS (skytemple-ssb-debugger#33)
  • Fixed dungeon tileset export not working because of a missing template file (skytemple#108)
  • Fixed Desmume not working on MacOS (thanks to @tech-ticks, skytemple#131)
  • Fixed armips (applying ROM patches) not working on MacOS
  • Fixed the Tilequant file chooser buttons being stuck and not reset (skytemple#126)
  • Fixed crashes when the config file was invalid (skytemple#149)
  • Fixed move shortcut patch occasionally opening up item menu when pressing L+B (thanks to @End45, skytemple-files#104)
  • Fixed wrong description of the UnusedDungeonChancePatch
  • Windows: Fixed "Open Patch Directory" not working


  • Mac also uses the Arc theme now.
  • Added wonderful new illustrations by Charburst to bring more color into the UI!
  • Also added portraits for Duskako and Poochyena to message dialogs, made by @Edael#2869 and @thedask!