Released on 2021-01-29.



New Features:

  • Editor for in-game hardcoded menus (option actions and strings used, by @irdkwia)
  • Editor for special item lists (dungeon rewards, kecleon shops, etc., by @irdkwia)
  • Set the game's debug flags: Faster text speed, no fades, no music, etc. (by @irdkwia, skytemple/skytemple-ssb-debugger#41) + moved old debug flags there. It's now in the tab "State / Debugging" in the debugger!
  • Internal: New compression container handling and new more efficient compression algorithm (should allow importing more portraits! by @irdkwia, #153)


  • Shadow sizes are now imported from PMD2 SpriteZips (SpriteBot format; #168)
  • Coordinates display in scene editor and position marker editor (#156)
  • Strings: Search is now case-insensitive (#181)


  • Sprite import doesn't crash SkyTemple when walking animation is missing (#169)
  • Fix animation settings not configurable for dungeon backgrounds (#176)
  • Fixed not being able to right click anything in the debugger file tree when filtering (skytemple/skytemple-ssb-debugger#73)
  • Misc. minor UI fixes: #171, #175, #172, #185, #180. #179
  • Fixed the wrong text string being edited when modifying a string while filtered (#177)
  • Fixed new DTEF animations not used for import (#173)