Released on 2021-05-02.



New Features:

  • Localization! SkyTemple is now available in German and Spanish and partially in French. Thanks to our translators and thanks to @tech-ticks for Mac fixes!
  • There is now a 32-bit version of SkyTemple available. If possible we still recommend using the 64-bit build!
  • Added editors for Item and for Move Properties
  • Item and move effect ASM importing (#200, #221, #229, thanks to @irdkwia and to @tech-ticks for the web editor!).
  • ASM Patches:
    • CompleteTeamControl (by Cipnit. v. 1.2.3): Adds the ability to apply an updated version of "Complete Team Control" (allows you to control your team mates in dungeon) via SkyTemple. Comes with some additional utility patches.
    • AddTypes / ImplementFairyGummies / ExtractBarItemList (skytemple/skytemple-files#92): Patches to add a fairy type (or possibly a custom one) to the game
    • ChooseStarter / SkipQuiz (skytemple/skytemple-files#96, by @irdkwia): Patches to ask the player for their Pokémon to play as either after the test or instead of the test
    • AddExperienceShare (skytemple/skytemple-files#75, by @irdkwia): Adds Gates to Infinity-style experience share to the game
    • FixEvolutionGlitch (NA only, skytemple/skytemple-files#74, by @irdkwia): Fixes the evolution crash glitch on NA ROMs
    • ExtraSpace (by @End45): Base patch that provides more space for other patches to use
    • ExtractDungeonData (skytemple/skytemple-files#73, by @irdkwia): Base for editing rank and no mission properies on floors
    • ExtractMoveCode / ExtractItemCode (skytemple/skytemple-files#739 by @irdkwia): Base patches for item/move ASM importing


  • ExplorerScript: Now supports the "Call" command (skytemple/explorerscript#9) - You may need to reload some scripts. in treasure town from the base game. If you run into trouble, ask on our Discord server for instructions.
  • Floor Ranks and No Mission attributes for floors can now be edited (#193, thanks to @irdkwia!)
  • Patches are now sorted by names and grouped into categories, if you apply one it will also apply all dependencies.
  • Portraits can now be deleted (#106, #214, thanks to @Dracauu).
  • Metronome's Movepool can now be edited (#227, thanks to @irdkwia).
  • Option to export/import Pokémon sprites from ZIPs (#226, thanks to @riiswa).
  • Removed reserved IDs from the fixed room editor entity list (#233, thanks to @End45).
  • SkyTemple will now inform you of new updates (SkyTemple/skytemple-files#97).
  • For Pokémon you can now edit their "category" string.
  • Some updates to Pokémon editor descriptions (#242, thanks to @irdkwia).
  • Improvements to palette re-ordering when importing images (skytemple/skytemple-files#85, thanks to @irdkwia).
  • Update to text for fixed rooms (skytemple/skytemple-files#91, thanks to @End45)
  • Data improvements to Pokémon model (skytemple#skytemple-files#101, thanks to @irdkwia)


  • Fixed Macros not being able to be created in the Debugger (skytemple/skytemple-ssb-debugger#45; thanks to @irdkwia).
  • Fixed search in files causing issues in the Debugger.
  • Fixed an error on editing some world map markers (#188).
  • Fixed a crash when no theme was installed (#232, thanks to @End45).
  • Fixed a crash on "Save as".
  • Fixed the "Bold" nature being shown as "???" on the starters list.
  • Fixed a crash in the Tilequant dialog.
  • Bugfixes to the Pokémon move editing forms (#243, thanks to @irdkwia).
  • Fixed some macOS startup related bugs (thanks to @tech-ticks).
  • Fixed an edge case when setting spawn weights to 0 (#255, thanks to @End45).
  • Fixed the HP generation value being read signed (skytemple/skytemple-files#77, thanks to @End45).
  • Fixed a lot of typos
  • Fixed the arguments of back_SetBackScrollSpeed