Released on 2022-11-05.


Important for the Windows and macOS Versions:

New features:

  • The "Patches" section has been restructured:
    • There is now a subnode there for info on how to write and apply patches with C and Rust using c-of-time.
    • The functionality to apply ASM patches has moved to "Patches > ASM".
    • Applying item, move and special process effects has been moved as subnodes of "Patches > ASM".
    • A section on pmdsky-debug has been added (see below).
  • SpriteCollab Browser:
    • Using this new tool you can now download sprites and portraits from the SpriteCollab/SpriteBot repositories straight from within SkyTemple itself.
    • This also supports copying missing EventSleep/Laying/Waking animations from the Sleep animation so Pok√©mon don't glitch out in the overworld when they are supposed to sleep.
    • NotSpriteCollab and other custom asset repositories can also be browsed.
  • SkyTemple is now powered by pmdsky-debug, the community's collaborative effort to reverse engineer most of the game's functions and other symbols. The symbols that are shipped with SkyTemple can be browsed in the "ASM" section".
  • New ASM patches (in no particular order):
    • FixNo$GbaSaves by End:
      • "Fixes an issue that causes saving to fail on the No$GBA emulator."
    • PitfallTrapTweak by Adex:
      • "Makes Pitfall Traps send the leader back by one floor in ascending dungeons. If the leader activates a Pitfall Trap on 1F, they will restart 1F with a different seed."
    • ChangePokemonGroundAnim by an anonymous contributor:
      • "Changes implementation of idle animation to an editable table."
    • DynamicBossesEverywhere by End:
      • "Allows placing special fixed room entities #124-127 (Explorer Maze enemies) in any fixed room without causing the game to crash."
    • BoldText by Adex:
      • "Adds new text tags that allow for bold text in strings. Encase the desired text with [BS] and [BR]."
    • ChangeTextSound by Adex:
      • "Adds new text tags that allow for the textbox sound to be changed. [TS:X] will use the Xth sound effect ID in textboxes. [TR] will revert the sound to default."
    • AppraiseAll by an anonymous contributor:
      • "Adds an extra menu in box appraisal to appraise all boxes at once."
    • AntiSoftlock by End:
      • "Allows the player to press A+B+X+Y during cutscenes to force the game to continue past a softlock (this can happen during cutscenes when using custom sprites or the randomizer). Does not work with crashes caused due to internal errors (such as the game running out of memory)."
  • SkyTemple now remembers the sprite configuration for imported sprites (ID to action name mapping). This information is saved into the ROM.


  • ROMs no longer get corrupted if SkyTemple crashes while in the middle of saving.
  • The text string groups for Trap Names and Trap Descriptions were fixed (by marius).
  • Some issues with loading scripts with invalid/unknown values for arguments were fixed by an anonymous contributor.
  • Descriptions and labels about some settings in the Fixed Room editor have been fixed by End.
  • Previously changing some IQ settings instead marked the "Misc. Settings" tab as modified. That has been fixed.
  • Fix an error message when reloading the ROM while in Fixed Room view
  • Fixed encoding issues under Windows when exporting/importing floors
  • Fixed an error message when right clicking the debugger file list while filtering


  • SkyTemple now shows better error messages when values are entered info fields that are out of the valid range for the given value. The error also usually prints what the supported value ranges are.
  • The quantity of items in fixed rooms can now be edited (thanks to End).
  • ASM patches were updated (in no particular order):
    • ExtractObjectTable was updated by marius to fix data corruption on the EU ROM.
    • MoveShortcuts by End:
      • "MoveShortcuts has been updated to prevent the player from passing turn by holding A+B while the move list is shown, which would cause a minor graphical glitch."
    • CompleteTeamControl patch by Cipnit:
      • "Players are now prevented from changing team tactics during manual mode. For some reason, doing so completely destroys turn order and leadership status."
  • Native file handlers written in Rust are now used by default to process the files in the game, this can be disabled if these implementations cause errors (in the settings)
    • They should be much faster than the old Python-based implementations
    • These file handlers include portraits, map graphics, dungeon graphics, dungeon data, monster data, item data, move data, compression algorithms.
  • Strings in script files are now using the same physical ID if they are identical (thanks to techticks).
  • A lot of under the hood code quality improvements and refactoring.
  • What mechanism is used for asynchronous operations (such as loading files) can now be configured in the settings. The defaults have been tweaked to be more stable and less prone to crash.
  • Localizations have been updated. Thanks to all our translators!
  • Client Side Decorations can be disabled in the settings now.
  • Python 3.11 compatibility
  • Added backwards-compatibility checks to the ASM Patches sections and in general better error handling


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