Released on 2022-11-14.


Important for the Windows and macOS Versions:


  • Fixed that the debug flags and "auto-advance to next floor" options in the debugger weren't working amymore
  • Fixed that the ExpandPokeList patch could not be applied
  • Fixed confusing warnings when applying patches
  • Fixed symbol descriptions being incorrect + updated pmdsky-debug
  • Fixed that when trying to apply sprites via the SpriteCollab browser it would fail if the Pok√©mon already had the maximum amount of animations
  • Fixed an error message after importing character sprites that had CopyOf animations without indices
  • Fixed "Save as..." not working
  • Fixed the "Created with SkyTemple..." map background script to not save the correct palettes
  • Fixed a rare error in the script main view


  • Updated localizations


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Link is to latest stable. To downgrade to this release use commit d6b4aef599c3fb6380a1f20371ee214cff59fc738d98e38c707fff94a628e81e.