Released on 2023-03-10.


New Features:

  • PushAllies patch by Anonymous:
    • "Implements pushing allies in dungeons. Uses the same command style as PSMD"
  • BetterEnemyEvolution patch by @End45:
    • "Allows changing how enemy evolution works. In particular, it allows you to choose if the evolved enemy will get the stats and/or moves from its new species, add extra stats after evolving, heal the enemy after evolving or choosing if the evolution will take place even if the target is revived."
  • The random movement chance can now be edited for dungeons (thanks to @End45)


  • Added a note the the FixNoCashGbaSaves patch:
    • "Warning: Causes saving to fail on the MelonDS emulator instead."
  • The AI flags for items are now documented, thanks to @End45


  • Bugfix for MoveShortcuts Patch by @End45 (0.2.2):
    • "MoveShortcuts 0.2.1 has a minor bug that prevents the player from passing their turn with A+B if their belly is less than 1.0. It only occurs if the leader pok√©mon struct is not aligned to 4 bytes, and probably only on real hardware and some emulators."
  • Fixes a bug that causes a soft-lock in the AntiSoftlock patch by @End45 (0.1.1):
    • "This fixes a bug that causes a softlock in real hardware and some emulators when A+B is pressed."
  • A false deprecation warning dialog is no longer shown for patches that are configurable
  • Fixed that the switches in the fixed floor editor were no longer working, thanks to @End45


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