Released on 2023-05-18.


NOTE: The Windows version has been withdrawn, due to crashes relating to copy-pasting. These issues are in the underlying Gtk/Gdk UI libraries. There is currently no estimate for a fixed version being available, please use 1.4.x versions under Windows in the meantime.

New Features:

  • NoWeatherStop patch by @End45:
    • "Changes weather damage messages so they don't make the player stop running."


  • pmd_wan (the general sprite handling implementation) has been updated to version 5.1.1.
  • If the ROM should somehow exceed it's assigned maximum file size, the cartridge size in the header is now updated, making the ROM still work on original hardware.
  • Sprite import related limitations have been clarified and import has been generally improved (thanks to @marius851000)


  • Bugfix for BetterEnemyEvolution Patch by @End45:
    • "This fixes a bug in the BetterEnemyEvolution that might cause enemies to level up multiple times after evolving if the "Update the level and stats of evolved enemies" setting is enabled."
  • The UnusedDungeonChancePatch has been renamed to UnusedDungeonChance and updated by @End45 to fix situations where it could lead to un-completable room layouts.
  • Fixed the "sprite size was corrected" popup showing up after applying sprites with the SpriteCollab browser.
  • Fixed the coordinates always being rounded down (#521).
  • Fixed special items in fixed rooms (#506).
  • Fixed not being able to add new BPAs to existing scenes (#533).
  • Fix "Transpot already connected" error sometimes being shown when using the SpriteCollab browser.

Important changes for Windows users:

  • The minimum operation version supported is now Windows 10.
  • There is no longer a 32bit release.
  • Users are recommended to uninstall previous versions before installing this one.

Technical background: The app is now built using MSVC and GTK & Python for MSVC, instead of relying on MSys2 MingW. See also the document for more info.


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Link is to latest stable. To downgrade to this release use commit 836517ffc4e7505ea7badfb2fb096e85b8b1125f13ee66a41c9443f3c01121ac.