Released on 2023-06-15.



  • Fixed that is was possible to try and import/export animated tiles when no BPA was activated. A proper error explaining this is now shown.
  • Fixed that it was not properly saved if BPAs were enabled or disabled for map backgrounds, causing bugs and inconsistencies in both SkyTemple and the game.
  • Fixed an error "Type error (null)" when SkyTemple reloaded views (eg. after applying sprites or patches) under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed that in the SpriteCollab browser it was possible to select a new entry, while another one was still loading, causing inconsistencies which sometimes required SkyTemple restarts to fix
  • Fixed that few special items in fixed rooms could not be rendered and prevented the room from loading correctly, locking up SkyTemple with a spam of error messages.
  • Fixed that it was possible to import map backgrounds with less than 16 palettes which SkyTemple and the game are not compatible with / not expecting in some cases, leading to crashes in-game and error messages when trying to open the map in SkyTemple.
  • Fixed exporting BPAs that have no tiles.
  • Fixed and improved various internal error reporting.


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Link is to latest stable. To downgrade to this release use commit ad1ab6419d672945bb626fe924c6eb9a2dd08cdd917ee1ca4cda4c54f8acdfc8.