This is an Alpha pre-release.
It is used to test new features.

Released on 2023-06-10.


This is a pre-release to test the new emulator integration for the Script Engine Debugger.


  • The emulator integration into the Script Engine Debugger has been completely rewritten. It is now much faster than before.

New Features:

  • The definition of script variables is now read from ROM instead of being hardcoded.
    • Breaking change: If you have modified script variable names in your ROM, loading the ROM in SkyTemple and editing already decompiled and/or modified script might lead to errors on save due to unknown variable names. You need to change the names of the variables to match their new names.
    • There are no plans for this to be editable in SkyTemple, since editing the script variable definitions is likely to just break the existing game scripts and requires much care.

It is recommended that MacOS and Windows users uninstall existing versions of SkyTemple before updating to this version. The same applies for if they decide to downgrade to earlier versions.


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See Quick Setup to get started.

Link is to latest stable. To downgrade to this release use commit 24fc007c3a1499c2e65a5a500b2a109380e899c0b02405016c75d8d685573735.