This is an Alpha pre-release.
It is used to test new features.

Released on 2023-09-02.


This is a pre-release to test the new emulator integration for the Script Engine Debugger and other new features.

Please see the SkyTemple blog for more information.

This release is based on SkyTemple 1.5.5 + 1.6.0a2 and contains the following changes:


  • Fixed the Text Strings CSV export file sometimes containing extra line breaks under Windows.
  • Fixed the MacOS version not having background illustrations.
  • Fixed the "Error Details" button not working in some circumstances.
  • Under Windows SkyTemple will now no longer remember the window size when being maximized, which previously resulted in SkyTemple launching in a window that was covering the entire screen but wasn't actually maximized. Thanks to @Emboarger.


  • The dungeon tilesets, dungeon brackgrounds and regular backgrounds code has now been migrated to Rust. If you have "Native File handlers" enabled (default) the new Rust implementation is now used. This implementation is much faster than before.
    • If you run into issues, please report them. You can switch to the old implementation by disabling native file handlers in the settings, but this will turn off all fast implementations.
  • pmdsky-debug has been upgraded to v0.7.0+a0aa596e1c.
  • The abilities dropdown now allows selecting all theoretically possible abilities, even those not implemented by default (thanks to @ShiningDeneb)
  • The "FixMemorySoftlock" patch has been upgraded to v2 (thanks to @End45):
    • Updates the FixMemorySoftlock patch to a new version. The patch will now prevent crashes caused by the game running out of memory by replacing the sprite that can't be loaded with a default preloaded sprite. This should fix all the cutscene crashes caused by memory errors.

  • Tracking: If you opted into tracking, we now track the number of users actually using each version of SkyTemple. This helps us understand how fast people move to new versions and get a feeling for what versions people may have issues upgrading to, so we can look into potential issues. It also gives us a feeling for how much pre-releases are actually tested.

It is recommended that MacOS and Windows users uninstall existing versions of SkyTemple before updating to this version. The same applies for if they decide to downgrade to earlier versions.


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See Quick Setup to get started.

Link is to latest stable. To downgrade to this release use commit b24aab78da826a7aed99b3b3bb27d07c0ea45f59d6e6a76b0a4e3ce74f35932a.