Released on 2024-01-06.


This release fixes a few bugs in SkyTemple 1.6.0.

New Features:

  • The NegativeEnemyDensity patch has been added (thanks to @End45):

    Makes negative enemy density values work as intended (the absolute value of the density is used, without adding a random variation).


  • The ExtraSpace patch has been updated to 0.3.0 (thanks to @tech-ticks). Overlay 36 is now loaded ealier in the game's boot process, which means that patches which need it very early can now utilize Overlay 36.
  • The documentation (auto completions) for ExplorersSript operations have been improved to match our wiki (thanks to @Chesyon).
  • Some help texts in the UI have been improved (thanks to @End45).


  • Crashes under Windows have been fixed when running SkyTemple on PCs with certain locales installed.
  • An internal error message has been replaced with a proper error message when trying to load a file that is not a ROM as a ROM
  • Fixed a bug where DTEF XML files could not be selected for import under some MacOS versions.
  • A game crash has been fixed that occurred if DungeonInterrupt and ExternalizeWazaFile were applied under certain circumstances (thanks to @Adex-8x). The fix can be applied by re-applying DungeonInterrupt.
  • The WaitBack2Effect ExplorerScipt operation has been renamed from WaitBack2Effec (typo). The old spelling will continue to work until SkyTemple 1.7.
  • The autocompletion for back_SetBackEffect has been fixed to properly only contain one argument.
  • A bug has been fixed that caused some trap and item sprites to contain flipped 8x8 sections when importing.
  • An attempt was made to fix a rare issue when debugging.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the mission restriction file not being updated when the ExtractDungeonData patch was applied, breaking the SkyTemple UI (this was auto-corrected by re-opening the project).
  • Fixed an internal error when trying to import a sprite for a Pok√©mon with an invalid sprite ID configured. A proper error message is now shown.
  • Improved an internal error message when trying to import non-indexed images where indexed images are required.
  • An issue was solved where some older DTEF packages were no longer imported into SkyTemple 1.6.0 and the tile importing algorithm otherwise failed in some cases.


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Link is to latest stable. To downgrade to this release use commit cb0e95d492951b5c975dc37290e6705aad50b43e3ddd4a01ce558cf67f9b916a.